Friday, August 19, 2011

Printed Metal Collage

Last week on August 12th at the end of my post I included a picture of a printed metal piece that was just starting.  Here is the piece finished.  It consists of several layers and I will start at the bottom and work up in the description.

When all the layers are together the bottom is hardware cloth as you saw in the original picture on the 12th.  On the way up in the layers is metal screen and then a cut out of the printed metal.  The surface is a digital print that originated with a  detail of one of my pieces.  From there I attached the metal to the hardware cloth and metal screen using beads and wire.  The beads between the surfaces start to give the raised 3D look I want.  From there a piece of crocheted brass wire is added to the pieces of wire from the tops of all the beads.  For the top layer I wrapped silver wire around another cutout of the metal.  This cut out was then added to the very top of the configuration.  Picture and detail follows.