Sunday, February 13, 2011

Encaustics and Digital Prints

Encaustics create a wonderful companion medium for digital prints.  Last week I finished a page for my  Forest Book (see my KathyAnne Art post) constructed of digital prints on lutradur, melted and layered with encaustic pieces that have a base of paper clay with an assortment of digital prints and other textures. 

The process of using digital prints with encaustic has inspired me to create small studies combining textures, digital prints and paper clay with other textural elements in the wax.  In using one of my paper clay bases, I am able to have a foundation that flows and is more organic than flat. There is something beautiful going on with the combination of these surfaces which leads me to continue to pursue their partnership.  Here are a few of the results and a few comments on construction.  Later this week I will post additional pieces.  

Digitally printed water color paper, torn and layered.  encaustic, the grid is in the clay and the wax is melts into the grid texture.
The 2 pieces just above have digitally printed lutradur layered with encaustic.  The top piece uses  dyed cheesecloth on the paper clay base and the one below has a lace paper digital print on the paper clay under the lutradur pieces.
Detail of second lutradur piece
This piece is on a paper clay piece that is dyed before firing.  The digital print is on silk threaded paper and the print is on both sides of the paper before it is torn and layered with the wax.