Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wacom Inkling

My new toy this weekend is the Wacom Inkling.  It's a new pen, the short of it is-you draw and it records what you draw and you can bring the file into Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketchbook Pro.  You can separate what you do into layers or just do it by the page as you draw.  I have to say it is really a neat tool.  This afternoon I brought some quick sketches I did into Photoshop.  Then since I was working on an image in Corel Painter 12, I brought the sketch into Painter and filled the spaces with color.  Of course I could have done that in the other 2 software programs also.  I was just playing here for fun and to start to look at how I will use my Inkling.

One of the reasons I purchased Inkling was so I could easily sketch and write while working on workshops I teach over the internet.   There are many times I would like to make a note on something and now with being able to digitalize what I write, I will be able to skip a step. Wow don't you love technology?   Now I am thinking of all sorts of ways I can use this pen.  I ordered my Inkling in August for September delivery, but it took somewhat longer.  This was worth the wait and it was just delivered the day before Thanksgiving, so it is a good new toy for the weekend.