Monday, January 31, 2011

Building Encaustic Texture

My Forest Book Series is all about building the textures of the forests.  Actually all my work wraps around developing textures in every way imaginable.  This time the lutradur is the base of my page and the elements in the textures of the printed and melted lutradur are encaustics.  In working with these small encaustic elements I include around 5 layers.  The bottom is metal screen, on top of that is dyed and frayed burlap, over that is a piece of paper clay, then little layers of threads from burlap, waxed linen thread, digital prints on various surfaces and of course the wax of the encaustics throughout.  This process is really inspiring and I find myself looking for other ways to use encaustics on my pages.

Here are some detail shots of the piece in construction.  The metal frame of the page has an inset of hardware cloth wired to the inside of the frame.  The lutradur lays on top with the encaustic pieces starting to be assembled to secure the layers to the hardware cloth.  When the page is finished, I will post it on my KathyAnne Art blog hopefully by the weekend if all goes well.