Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Textured Lutradur in Melted Layers

As my work exhibits more and more textures, some of the surfaces, that are my favorites to print, evolve as I use them.  This section of lutradur has a watercolor paper base and the lutradur has been melted with a heat gun.  Two different pieces of lutradur have been used for the effect.  Then beads have been strung on 6 strands of embroidery thread and crocheted into short pieces that weave in and out of the melted lutradur.
Beads are also used as spacers to separate the layers of lutradur.  The lutradur section appears first in the pictures, followed by the finished piece.
Melted lutradur, embroidery thread, beads
Digital prints on canvas, lutradur, wire mesh, beverage cans, watercolor paper and vellum
Encaustic, dyed burlap, dyed canvas, metalic thread, crochet hemp, beads
Digital prints on lutradur, watercolor paper, vellum and crinkle paper
beads, embroidery thread, metalic thread