Wednesday, December 11, 2013

iPhone and iPad Art

Introducing my new video composed of around 112 images taken on my iPhone and manipulated with apps on my iPhone or my iPad. Some of the images are drawings and composites created on my iPad. I am experimenting with videos as a wonderful way to teach. Although in this video there are no words there is plenty of opportunity to show a path through the creation of images and document what tools were used. 

For me it is impossible to track the exact path each image took. Most of the iPhone apps don't have layers or undo—you just keep following your intuition. Creating on these devices is truly in the moment. The best I can do is give you a  list of what apps were used in the process of working on the images. What magic happens in between is there, but not able to be recreated. 

Some of the apps used: Photoshop Touch, Percolator, Wurm, Paper 53, Sketch Book Pro, Type Drawing, Toon Paint HD, DXP (Double Exposure), Fluid FX and Photo Tropedelic.

Music for the video was created by:

this track is available on at this url.