Saturday, October 30, 2010

Altered Composition Book

In the last few weeks I have been working on some paper clay pieces to experiment with textures and  combine them with my digital work.  The ceramics in this post is created from a regular composition book you can buy anywhere.  The book is covered in paper clay slip to saturate the pages before firing the book at Cone 10.  It is supported by a piece of paper clay slab so the book wouldn't fall apart in the kiln.  This piece is VERY fragile and tiny pieces crumble off if it is touched in the slightest.  At some parts of the book, it is strong clay.  There is an incredible amount of texture.  I photographed the fired book and also took several detail shots.

Another composition book is waiting to be fired.  Since there is so much water in the book it takes quite awhile to dry.   The slip in the new piece is applied differently and I am anxious to see if the results are similar or not.  This piece may be collaged with encaustic elements.  In process are other paper clay pieces and I should have most of them ready to embellish with my alternative digital surfaces this week.