Friday, August 12, 2011

Working with Metal Collage

It's almost mid August and I have not posted here this month.  It's been kind of a crazy time.  Finishing a new ebook- Wrap it Up: journals with style and teaching 2 workshops at Art Unraveled.  So I'm in my studio now for awhile and anxious to get back to work.  While I am here I will be wringing an ebook on digital printing and working on new artwork.

Metal collage is on the agenda.  Collage-a combination or collection of various things.  Mine will be mostly metal, metal mesh, wires, beads and other elements.  Before leaving for Art Unraveled I printed 10 printers plates and now will be working with them to do textural surfaces.  Here I have posted pics on 2 things- one a beverage can box we created in one of my workshops last week and the 2 pieces that will start my new metal collage piece.  By next week at this time I will have the collage finished and post it.

As for the beverage can box, it is created from a digital prints on beverage cans using hemp, wire, beads a hole punch and scissors.