Saturday, March 30, 2013

Draw a Stickman app

My purchases of apps are consistent especially these digital magazines that come out of England — Digital Artist is one of them.  Actually they have stopped publishing that particular magazine, but the past issues are available digitally on the iPhone and iPad. There are lots of other magazines by this company and the new one Fantasy Art seems to be the replacement of old Digital Artist.

There is another of those types of magazines Imagine FX that I also peruse and buy on my iPad. Amazing stuff in these magazines and for me very inspiring. 

I am always interested on the various reviews that appear in these magazines and last night I read one on an entirely silly app. Silly but clever and funny. This is useful merely for entertainment, but I am easily amused so I like it. 

The app is Draw a Stickman and you can visit Draw a which is their website just to draw and see what happens to your stickman on their site. 

For the app buy the app or use a free version then draw a stickman and take them on an adventure. The app is available on the app store in a couple of versions. The free one has in app purchases.  On one of the free versions I loaded to my iPad there is an in app purchase option. If you don't use it you can keep playing, but there are pop up ads.

Check it out just for the fun of it. Here are some of the pages from the game—