Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding Objects

So many things to keep me busy right now. I am writing 2 ebooks, one called "Wrap it Up : Journals with Style" and the other I keep changing my mind on the title, but it will be about digitally printing alternative surfaces.  I would like the digital printing ebook to be an action guide with lots of information and hints about successfully printing fabric and other surfaces.  I haven't finished the list of what will be in it yet, but I'm getting there.  Seems like my time flies by and then I wonder what I have been doing.
Well here is something I started a few weeks ago.  I live on 6 acres in Northern Arizona.  Recently I started thinking that there must be found objects or stuff that is on our property that could be used in my work.  So it started with finding something rusty now and then.  All of a sudden my pile of stuff has grown quite a bit.  It amazes me that after living here for 10 years I never saw any of this stuff before.  Yesterday I was taking something to my shed when found several rusty pieces on the ground right in front of my shed.   I have probably have stepped on them many times and just noticed them.

Then sometimes I think what was left here over hundreds of years, how many people passed through here and dropped things or camped and enjoyed the land. Oh well here is some of the things that I will use but I have no idea how quite yet.  There are a few things missing because I put them in a safe place and they are really safe cause I can't find them.  One of them is an extremely long nail sort of like a railroad spike.  

Wonder how long that rusty can has been here.  Can't wait to see what I'll find next.