Thursday, July 21, 2011

Texture on Surfaces

It's been a busy time around my studio.  Finishing a new ebook that should be ready next week.  Getting ready to teach at Art Unraveled and participate in their vendor day- Shopping Extravaganza.  Plus all the other things I am inspired to do around here.  Where does the time go?

Once my current ebook is finished, another ebook is in the works on the subject of digital printing.  Then to follow that one a second part with new and extraordinary surfaces to print.  Posted here are some tests for some ideas.

The surfaces have been altered in some way before printing.  Archival tissue paper has been used as well as sand, gesso, mica flakes, pumice gel and a few others.  It is hard to see this is photos and there are no before pics.  When the surface are prepared to print for inclusion in my ebook, I will have pictures of the flat image, textured surface before printing and textured surface after printing.  This way the pics will reflect the altered surface.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monsoon Texture

Here in big sky country we see an awesome display in the sky during our monsoon season.  Since I crashed my hard drive several months ago that had my images from the last several years, I'm into building a library again.  This month will be nature around my studio and then creating as many images as I can to get my library going again.  Later this week I will get into what's on the ground around my studio.  Today it's whats in the sky:)