Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge

A few weeks ago, Sue Bleiweiss asked me to be a guest blogger for her Sketchbook Challenge.  Tomorrow my post will appear on the blog.  If you haven't heard of this, you should check it out.  This is an amazing group!!!

Sketchbook- Noun; A book filled with dreams and inspiration.

I am one of those people who creates journals, notebooks, sketchbooks whatever you want to call them all the time, I have tons.  When Sue asked me to write a post I was thrilled. The opportunity enabled me to sort out my existing plethora of journals and sketchbooks.  It was fun discovering just what was in existence on my shelves.   

My mind had been wrapping around doing some full blown studio journals on my new Forest Book Series in order to catalogue the infinite amount of textural elements that appear in one of my huge books. I discovered what type of sketchbooks or journals I wanted to use to for this purpose.  I resurrected a book that was constructed from a recycled hard cover book. This book has never been used and I decided to document my journey on building a textural digital library.  This digital library are textures that can be applied to layer selections in Photoshop as I manipulate images.  

 This afternoon I took 90 photographs of rocks and nature on my property.  Patterns to use as textures on layers were created.  Then small pics to document the process were added to the sketchbook.