Monday, October 3, 2011

Crochet with Digital Prints

Crocheting elements for this piece is a challenging journey.  My thoughts have been running around thinking of other configurations to use with the finished crochet, but the last few days have been spent enlarging the crochet surface on all sides.  You can see the back, front and detail of the piece so far.  

As the crochet evolves, pieces of digital prints on recycled dictionary paper are strung on the cotton in various colors.  Slow going, but the textures are amazing and as I work different words and pictures come up in the random selections of pages and words that were over printed.  I get to see all sorts of phrases and words that combine with the prints that will never be found again.  Yesterday I took one of the squares out of the mix for my journal.  Underneath the printing was a picture of several anthurium flowers. I still have one of those plants from my last trip to Hawaii.  There are tons of word treasures in the prints.

My current plan is to crochet this out with all 100+ sheets of torn paper and then complete another layer of texture to strengthen the piece to hang.  This is really digital alternative surfaces in a interesting textural composition.