Thursday, September 22, 2011

Digital Prints on Recycled Printers Plates

Printing on recycled printers plates is easy with a bit of prep.  There are 2 printed plates depicted here.  The prints created with Corel Painter 12 include one painted abstract and one pattern taken from another painted abstract background.  The brushes from Corel are amazing and I have also been working with some of Jeremy Suttons custom brushes I downloaded from Paintbox TV.  His brushes are wonderful to work with.  I know Photoshop has brushes, but seriously, Corel has the brush category in a class of it's own.  

To prepare the printers plates it took a little bit of work on the original surface of the plate.  These plates were coated with turquoise and while it is possible to print them unless you use a white matte pre coat from inkAID, your print will reflect lots of the turquoise color or be a bit dark.  I used a paint peeler type of chemical to rub out most of the turq color and ended up with a somewhat creamy surface.  Actually a nice color to print on.  The pre coat I used was inkAID clear matte.  I sanded the surface and cleaned it with Citrasolv before using the pre coat.  Once the print was dry, MSA varnish from Golden was used on top of the surfaces to protect the print.  
Full plate, pattern from painted print
Detail of pattern
Full print, you can see the edges of the plate on this and the first picture

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Recycling Papers with Digital Prints Update

My plans with the digital prints from my last post are in constant rethinking.  Not really sure where this is going, but it seems I want to construct it into a forest book from my new series.  I have been cutting pieces of hardware cloth to construct and try shapes.  The process continues and everyday I think I am getting closer to where I want to be with this. Still up in the air.......