Sunday, March 14, 2010

Textural Surfaces

Last year I received an artist project grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. My project, "Expanding the Digital Print to Uncommon Surfaces" inspired me beyond the scope of my project.  As the year developed, my printing techniques grew along with the textures constructed from digital prints on a myriad of inventive surfaces.  My work brought me to creating more and more textural surfaces from both digitals and other elements to be included in the various compositions of my art.

Textures are abundant in the environment of the forests that inspire my work. There are zillions of ways to manipulate textures in digital images and in the construction of printed assembled alternative surfaces.  In the weeks to come, textures will be the subject on this blog.  There will be new textures posted every week.  This week starts with a work in process and will end with the piece finished.

Digital print on wood veneer 
and cut strips of hemp to attach the 
print to the main composition.

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